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Ten “tried-and-true” patterns that stand the test of time.

Comprised of ten styles, Patterns are 100% wool and hand woven on a manual loom. Available in nine colorways below.

Lead time: 6 – 8 Weeks

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Rose Hill, Pistachio

West Eleventh A, Sand

West Eleventh A, Navy

West Eleventh A, Curry

West Eleventh A, Pistachio

West Eleventh A, Shell Pink

West Eleventh A, Lake

West Eleventh A, Black

West Eleventh D, Sand

West Eleventh D, Navy

West Eleventh D, Curry

West Eleventh D, Pistachio

West Eleventh D, Shell Pink

West Eleventh D, Lake

West Eleventh D, Black

Rose Hill, Sand

Rose Hill, Navy

Rose Hill, Curry

Rose Hill, Pistachio

Rose Hill, Shell Pink

Rose Hill, Lake

Rose Hill, Black

Waverly, Sand

Waverly, Navy

Waverly, Curry

Waverly, Pistachio

Waverly, Shell Pink

Waverly, Lake

Waverly, Black

Five Points, Sands

Five Points, Navy

Five Points, Curry

Five Points, Pistachio

Five Points, Shell Pink

Five Points, Lake

Five Points, Black

Madison, Sand

Madison, Navy

Madison, Curry

Madison, Pistachio

Madison, Shell Pink

Madison, Lake

Madison, Black

Park Slope, Sand

Park Slope, Navy

Park Slope, Curry

Park Slope, Pistachio

Park Slope, Shell Pink

Park Slope, Lake

Park Slope, Black

Rockefeller, Sand

Rockefeller, Navy

Rockefeller, Curry

Rockefeller, Pistachio

Rockefeller, Shell Pink

Rockefeller, Lake

Rockefeller, Black
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