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Captivating patterns for multi-use areas ranging from covered outdoor spaces to dining rooms to play areas.

Comprised of five styles, Outdoor is hand woven on a manual loom and made of polyester and polypropylene cords which will not fade or mold.

Available in colorways below as well as color bank upon request.

Lead time: 6 – 8 Weeks

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How to Size an Area Rug
Collection Catalogue

Southold, Oats

Orient, Cream

Greenport, Oat

Peconic, Oats

Mattituck, Oats

Southold, Oats

Orient, Honey

Orient, OL1

Mattituck, OL2 / OL11

Peconic, OL1 / OM11

Mattituck, OL1 / OL60

Peconic, L30 / L40

Orient, OL37
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