Vestry, Moody Blue

22 February 2018

Vestry, Sand

22 February 2018


20 February 2018

Inspired by the architectural intersection of lines from Ghislaine’s 8th floor loft, West Side creates a landscape view of the buildings in modern, abstract forms. Ghislaine was also inspired by the juxtaposition of bustling traffic from the West Side highway contrasted with the lazy movement of the Hudson River nearby.

Available in 5 colorways: Sand, Blush, Dark Blue, Deep Red, and Emerald.

Standard rug sizes:
5′-8″ x 9′-0″
7′-6″ x 12′-0″

All designs are customizable in color and scale.

See specification details below for more information.

Lead Time: 6 – 8 Weeks

Westside, Blush

22 February 2018

Westside, Dark Blue

22 February 2018

Westside, Deep Red

22 February 2018

Westside, Emerald

22 February 2018

Westside, Sand

22 February 2018

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